8 Top Free Live Chat For Blogger Or Website

customers like to get solutions to their question Using live chat software can keep customers satisfied.This is the exact point where live chat software were introduced you are now It is one of the best ways of providing instant answers to users questions we have already published an article How To Add Free Live Chat To Blogger Live chats provide fast, on-demand customer support right on your website, giving you an opportunity to immediately address customer concerns, answer questions and even close sales before customers click away. In addition to speeding up customer support, live chat systems let you monitor visitor behavior to provide personalized service.
But what you may not know is exactly which of the dozens of live chat products out there is right for your business.Every software has its pros and cons, both for operators and customers. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at seven of the most popular live chat solutions, so you can decide which one’s best for you

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Zopim Live Chat

Zopim is  free and premium leading live chat service provider that is being used my majority of trusted commerce sites. It is easy to integrate with Blogger.
It not only adds a live chat to your site, but also provides user analytics, logs, emails and etc. You can customize the widget according to the appearance of your site.
We hope this article would help you in finding a best live chat support software for your blogger site. Do let us know about your thoughts,

comm100 free live chat

Comm100 is live chat for the rest of us.
It’s designed to be simple and smart, without all the bells and whistles of other live chat products. It integrates with Salesforce, but not Facebook.
While the integration code itself is copy and paste, there are plugins available for content management and ecommerce systems, including Shopify, WordPress and Joomla.
Unlike many live chat programs, Comm100 can be customized to fit your unique branding and style. You can also have its “powered by” logo removed, making sure your customers get a seamless experience from start to finish.
Customers can also rate chat operators to help your own organization learn and grow in the process.
What’s more, the program can be used at a standalone desktop application or as a web-based service, giving you greater flexibility in how you deliver solutions.

clickdesk free live chat

ClickDesk offers an enterprise level live chat system at a small business-friendly price. Make customers happier by letting them choose how they want to receive support, whether it’s through the traditional live chat pop-up on your website.
Agents can also choose to answer customers using ClickDesk’s live chat portal or using Google Hangouts. ClickDesk starts at $12.99 per month. A free version is also available, but is limited to one agent and voice chats

valroo free live chat

Velaro doesn’t pigeon-hole users into a set of features per package.
Its scalable foundation works from the ground up to grow alongside your business, rather than forcing your business to fit its criteria instead.
Ideal for E-commerce websites, Velaro comes with built-in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and shopping cart tools, allowing operators to suggest product purchases or initiate a chat based on a customer’s browsing habits.
Velaro’s chat also lets you see what’s in the user’s shopping cart, their purchase history, and chat records from the previous two years, allowing savvy operators to make targeted suggestions or offer specific help for products the customer has bought.
All of this information can be distilled into professional, easy-to-read charts and reports, helping e-commerce sites forecast trends, upsells and improve conversion rates.
At $99.95, Velaro is on par with LivePerson in terms of pricing.


online chat center

OnlineChatCenters is providing chat support since a long time and knows how these things works very well as they provide quite a handy feature. They offer three plans, FREE, Premium ($5 per month) and Enterprise ($50 per month).
OCC comes with multiple languages, so if your site is non-English you can choose from the list of the best languages available for you/Awesome right? Despite of its awesome features, it is fairly affordable for new startups.

Woson free live caht

WhosOn live chat system lets you easily monitor individual visitor behavior on your website, so you can track their “journey” as they browse. For instance, agents can pinpoint those who are simply looking at different products and may need help deciding, as well as those who are already in the checkout process, but may be hesitating or having trouble with the purchase. Doing so can help target customers to close sales — the company claims to reduce cart abandonment by 10 percent — reduce bounce rates and give you an idea of how to improve your website. WhosOn costs $20 per month per user. A free trial is also available


websitealive free live chat

Designed for the all-in-one entrepreneur who juggles countless tasks throughout the day, WebsiteAlive combines proactive chat, mobile and real-time email notifications along with full customization options without coding.
Although there’s no way to share documents between operators, you can install the code on multiple websites while tracking, monitoring and handling live chats from those sites simultaneously, making WebsiteAlive a great choice for owners of multiple websites.
At $69.95, it’s more expensive than some other options, but its mobile workspace and tools will let you create your own personal support desk anywhere you go

Pure Live Chate

PureChat is a popular free live chat support solution for website owners. It is easy-to-use with friendly interface and extremely straightforward to integrate into your site. It provides an admin dashboard from where you can respond to multiple chats at the same time, which provides you the ability to handle crowds of customers in no time.
PureChat also provides a statistics tab, from where you can take a quick look to the no of users that are getting helped from which operator. You can add multiple support agents, with different usernames, passwords and etc.
It even provides you the ability to search achieve and view the old chat history of any user you like. On the top of that, it is SSL secure which means the data is nicely protected




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