How to Avoid Most Common Mistakes Beginner Blogger

Are you have a dream for writing and learning, then there is no more perfect career than blogging. But, like all professions, there is a learning curve. In the beginning, you will make mistakes that are Common of all new bloggers. they are easily corrected with commitment and effort. Here are some of those Common Mistakes and how you can avoid Most Common Mistakes

Copying Others Blogs Content

most common mistakes is copying other people content without permission or without giving credits,Copying content from others never brings any worth to your blog More than anything else what really matters about your blog is genuinely unique. While you still need to attune your messaging to what people want to read, nobody will want to read that when they’ve probably already read them somewhere else.

Avoid Images and photos

Images on a blog necessity in blog posts, Find photos or other images to attract attention, Beautiful and targeting pictures on a blog post always catches the visitors eye and motivate them to read your blog posts visitors are likely to read your stuff when there are images. Posts with great images, photos, You must always include an image targeting concept of your blog post, There are plenty of tools you can use to create these.

Avoid Boring Title Mistakes

Think like a journalist. The first thing that attracts a reader is a truly catchy title or headline. If you want some good examples of title that engage, take a look at those title and headline that uses for theme Facebook and other social media posts. The have a huge click-through rate because of those Best title, and every blogger would love to steal their creatives who do these. But, there is hope and help. There are several title generator tools you can use. if you don not love the ones they generate, there are lots of options that you will get some great ideas for you best title and headline

Don’t Be Fooled By No Communication to users

Readers also love to comment and express opinions. At the end of each post, Comment is the major factor that can make a one time visitor of your blog as the regular reader of your blog as well as the fan of your blog readers should have the opportunity right then and there to ask a question, make a comment or give you feedback. And you must respond. That’s how you keep a following . A proper communication can only make your blog visitors feel friendly with your blog. A blog without proper communication is like a seminar without speech. You must always communicate with users of your blog and make them your blog friendly to gain more readers for your blog

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The Death Of No Clear Purpose And How To Avoid it

A lot of beginning bloggers know they have to meet a deadline or a publishing schedule. So they search for a topic idea, find one, and even give the post a decent headline and opening. From there, though, it all kind of crashes and burns. Every post has to have a purpose. Are you educating your reader and solving some sort of problem? Are you writing to entertain and make that reader’s day a bit brighter? Are you trying to inspire your reader? Don’t waste your time writing a post if you can’t define a purpose.

Hope these Most Common Mistakes helped you to find point in your journey as a blogger and correct them. Recognizing our mistakes and correcting them gets us the success in blogging and real life too. If you find this article useful, then do share it on Facebook and Google plus. Happy Blogging!

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