Hey few day ago i was posted an article “how to hide link from blogger comment” today we will learn how to “Remove Lable” from “blogger blog”How to hide labels under blog posts is a very important question that many Bloggers ask. The labels in Blogger are as same as tags in WordPress. When you click on any label, it will display all the Blogger posts related to it. The labels appear in the sidebar of your blog. But along with their presence in the sidebar; they also appear below the title of your post. And many Blogger finds their presence under their post’s title irritating and annoying. So to serve the purpose, you will need to modify the template coding in   “hide  lable” you need  just unchecked “lable” from the blogpost layout setting,but in some template it’s not work properly, but in this post we will learn how to “remove label” from our template manually,

Step #1
First log in your account then click on the “Template” after that click on the Edit HTML

hide/remove lable from blogger blog

Step #2
Now press CTR+F and find </head> after the finding </head> copy the
belov code and past it just above </head>

.post-labels {display: none;}

Step #3
Now save the template.

That’s all you have success fully  hide your label of your post if you feel this post is helped you then do share it with your friends