Google Maps just got a MASSIVE upgrade.Now, you can use AI in your Google Maps.

Here are 6 features you can’t miss out


Immersive View

Ever wished you could see your route in 3D before you even step out?

Google Maps’ new Immersive View is like having a crystal ball for your travels. Perfect for those tricky, unfamiliar places!

2. Lens in Maps

Imagine pointing your phone at something and instantly knowing what it is.

Google Maps’ latest AI feature turns your camera into a magic wand, making sense of the world around you in real-time.

3. Advanced Navigation

Ever feel anxious about missing a turn?

Google Maps’ updated navigation tools bring you lane guidance and traffic updates that feel like having a co-pilot. Plus, get the scoop on interesting spots along the way!

4. New Ariel View API:

Bring your apps and websites to life with a breathtaking 3D bird’s-eye view, thanks to Google’s AI. It’s like giving your users superhero vision!

5.Photo-First Result

Now, finding the perfect spot on Google Maps starts with a visual feast, thanks to billions of community-shared photos.

It’s like flipping through a friend’s travel album for recommendations!

6. These AI-powered results are incredibly helpful when you want to embrace spontaneity or make sudden plan changes.

For instance, if you’re out and about and encounter unexpected rain, simply ask Maps for “activities for a rainy day” to receive suggestions for indoor activities