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How To Optimize WordPress Robots.txt File

Optimize WordPress Robots.txt

Whenever we talk about SEO of Wp blogs, WordPress robots.txt file plays a major role in search engine ranking. It helps to block search engine bots to index and crawl important part of our blog. Though, sometimes a wrong configured Robots.txt file can let your presence completely go away from search engines. So, it’s important […]

Get Traffic To Your Blog by Ping Your Blog free

Get Traffic To Your Website

Traffic is very essential for any blog.If you don’ have traffic,it would be really very difficult for you to make money from from your blog .Each time you create a new blog post, there are a number of things you need to do to get traffic to your website and blog. The post needs to be shared […]

How To Improve Your Page Rank on Google

Improve Your Page Rank

How to improve your page rank on google Page rank is calculated by Google, it is an algorithm. Page rank is the most important factor to be considered when ranking the websites in results of search by search engines. By considering the significance of the webpages placed on wed page rank will determine the importance […]

How To Optimizing a Blog to Rank in Google

Optimizing Blog to Rank in Google

How To Optimizing a Blog to Rank in Google Google has created a series of algorithms that ultimately scan or “crawl” a website to determine where and how it should be ranked within its search results. These algorithms analyze nearly every corner of a website including the keywords used throughout the site and even small […]