Tips to Increase Page views Using Images on your blog Page views simply by the name itself is explanatory that the number of pages viewed by visitors on your site. It’s really an important issue while you are a concerned blogger who cares about the number of views on your page, and also it’s not so easy to attract large number of visitors on your blog page. So it is really a critical and interesting task to write a quality content that itself is useful enough to attract your large number of audience and picture is worth a thousand words. Especially for a website, the importance of images is evident from the enormous difference in the impacts a text-only versus an image-only website has on your minds. And in the current scenario when internet marketing is one prime marketing channel, you need to make sure everything’s proper. As for images, they not only contribute towards the beauty of your site but can also be used as a marketing tactic to boost up your site’s conversion rate (how many among the viewers convert to customers) provided you use them well. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks about using images to boost up your site’s conversion rate

One of the main reasons why the user leave your blog after reading the post is because you are not showing them what to do next. By showing the user with a list of “related posts” or “other popular posts”, you may get them to go on to visit another post in your site. There are a lot of ways you can add related posts to your blog. You can use a plugin called YARPP that has its advanced algorithm that picks the related post. You can show related posts by category or tags without using a plugin. You can also show related posts by showing other posts by the same author.


Emotionally attracting a viewer is one easy way of turning him from being just a viewer to a customer. You can use the images to make the viewers experience and idealize your products which naturally makes their choices easier. It’s the images that let you control the moods of your customers and not really the text. You can make them happy when you want and if they’re in the right mood when at your website, consider your product sold. So instead of just using plain photos, try to add the ones that attract and persuade your customers by targeting their emotions.

A mascot is a figure used as a symbol for an organization e.g. the bluebird of Twitter. The mascots are primarily used to create a bonding with the customers as these mascots are easy to remember for the user and serve as an identifier for your website. It also becomes really easy to convey a specific emotion using these graphic images. They have a long lasting effect in the viewers mind and are reported to be contributing a lot towards the conversion rates of various websites as it serves as a unique key to identify your company and the user can easily be directed to your website using that mascot.

Finding images online is a matter of seconds and that is because of the vast stock of photos of any type you can find on Google Images. However, a major portion of the images you’ll find there are used on more than a hundred different websites and are majorly not that impressive. Since you’re dealing with your business’s future here, you should be very careful when choosing stock photos. Avoid the viral ones but choose the ones that give a professional and proper look.

Your current customers are the key to getting even more. You might have come across many sites that, in images, show their customer’s review and feedback about their service/product. That is actually a very good marketing strategy as it gives your viewer a third person review of your product and that can really be convincing at times. This also primarily is the reason why companies, in their commercials, hire some famous personalities and actors as this is one pull approach that actually gets you viewer’s preference.

Instead of using the same strategies numerous other websites are using for a particular type of service, use a unique and innovative one. Don’t copy trends, rather create yours and let others follow. This creates user interest in your product and may lead him to buying that. Various mobile review sites introduced the three dimensional model of the mobile phones which lets the user view the mobile from all possible angles. This surely, at the time of introduction, was a unique concept and reports show that more than 30% of the conversion rates of such sites got boosted up just by launching this new feature. New mechanisms may be hard to produce but not impossible.