Traffic is very essential for any blog.If you don’ have traffic,it would be really very difficult for you to make money from from your blog .Each time you create a new blog post, there are a number of things you need to do to get traffic to your website and blog. The post needs to be shared to your appropriate social networks and groups, and you may want to consider sending a link to some customers or potential customers if you think they will find the topic useful. If your website is contracted correctly, it will have an XML Sitemap that automatically updates itself and communicates new content to search engines like Google, but what about the major blog directories like Technorati? A popular tool to to notify these servers when you have new content is called Ping. I’ll review what Ping is and how you can use to increase your blog and website traffic.

What is Ping?

Pinging is just a process to notify the search engines that you have added new information in your blog/website or changed the configuration of your Blog/website. after ping your blog search engines will crawl and index your site.Most of the ping site like a technocrat also believe that it is a method of get high ranking on Search engines  which means it can be really helpful in getting high rank of SERP(Search Engine Result Page) and best ways Get Traffic To Your Website and blog,Ping is a protocol introduced by Dave Winer whereby a website can use XML to notify a remote server that there has been an update. Simply put, your website will “ping” another website to say that there’s something new to see. Typically, the other website is one that lists and aggregates blogs blog entries, making the content and blog status available to others.

Best ping sites list for increase your blog traffic

As you know pinging is the way to inform search engines that you have updated your blog/website.It is infact a nice tool.So many pinging tools are there on internet but you should not use any of them because sometime,it harms you more than helping you here a best ping sites list for Increase Traffic your Blog or website 

Ping Sitemap To Google Bing Ask Search Engine

So many blog owners claims that after using Best Ping Websites,they achieved better Traffic and ranking on Alexa.In this post which is titled as “Get Traffic To Your Blog by Ping Your Blog ”,i tried to provide complete information.You can share your suggestion or opinion about Ping Website via comments. Share this post with your friends if you found this helpful!!