How To Add Gadget Widget Section in Blogger Header section

How To Add Gadget  Widget in Blogger Header section We have seen many blogger have a Adsense add unit or any other add and social media widget  in header section of the blog , we are always not able to add gadget or widget in header section of blogpot in default template and some customized

How To Remove Blogger Sidebar and Create Full Width Page

This is a one hot topic on blogger form How To remove or hide blogger sidebar to create full width blogger pages, many bloggers always try something that looks professional on their blog,if you are one of them blogger whom want to give their blog professional look then this post is for you,after sing this

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How to Remove or dsiable lightbox effect on blogspot image

Huh! In this post I will show you "How To Remove / disable default light box on blogspot image," in previous post i was explained (How replace newer older home text with image,) "lightbox" effect caused various problem on blog,specially photographic blogs, but after reading this article you can easily "remove image lightbox" before editing

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How To Replace Newer Older and Home Navigation link with image in Blogger blog

 In this tutorial i will show you "how to replace  newer older and home navigation link with images" button,you can surf webpages,to different type of newer older & home image button that can be used to replace the text of newer older & home, or you can create an icon that give best look your

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5 Way To Get More Traffic Through the optimizing your blogger images

In this tutorial i will explain how to to get more traffic through the optimizing your blogger images use image for better "seo" and page ranking in search engine result, every blogger "optimize image" before publishing blogger blog post, image optimization really work to improve blog traffic,see smiler post "How To improve blogger search result"

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How To Create HTML / CSS Text Box In Blogger Blog

  Hey: fave day ago i wast posted an article about "How To Add html Incoder Tool in Blogger Blog"and I believe that you are done,now you can easily highlight your "html code" in your blog post any where,But you want to give your highlighted text different styles look then this post is for you,

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