This is a one hot topic on blogger form How To remove or hide blogger sidebar to create full width blogger pages, many bloggers always try something that looks professional on their blog,if you are one of them blogger whom want to give their blog professional look then this post is for you,after sing this trick you can easily give your blog professional look, and “hide or remove” your “blog sidebar” doesn’t matter sidebar in left, right or both,you can easily remove your blog sidebar to increase your blog width,without facing any problem, by using css or xml to remove or hide your blog sidebar  and give your blogs full width just use this trick ,my blog with sidebar

blog widh sidebar

my blog without sidebar full width  page


How To Remove or Hide Blogger Sidebar

To create Full width blog page just log in you account>>Template>>Edit html and Find


Now Copy the below code and past it just above/before the </head> tag

#rsidebar-wrapper { display: none; }
#main-wrapper { width: 1000px!important; }

you can change page width  according to your need width: 1000px  now save your template and see the result your done