How To Get Free .Com Domain Whenever somebody is starting online, they need a domain and hosting to get their website up. Whenever I talk to my friends and family members who are planning to launch a website, they usually have a domain purchased from popular domain services like Godaddy. The problem is, because of unawareness, all of them miss getting their free .com domain or other top level domain names like .org, .net and so on.

If you are here for getting a free .com domain for a year, I’m going to share the tip which will help you to save money on your domain. If you don’t follow it now, you might end up paying extra later. So read on each and every word written in this article, and understand how you can save money on your domain purchase for the first year.

How can You get free Domain like .com / .org or others without paying extra?

Typically purchasing a .com domain for a year cost atleast $11-$13 and most of us make this mistake of booking the domain first. The thing is, we all are impulsive people and when we get an idea for an online business or even need a domain name for our offline business, we just head over to any domain booking website and purchase the domain. Most of us think that, we should book the domain now and will think about creating the website later.

This impassive behaviour not only cost you extra in longer run, and most of the time we waste such domain. Well, one thing which we miss out here is, we can’t have our website up without the hosting. Until unless you are using a free platform (Which is not recommended for professional use).

So what you should do to get free .com domain ?

First of all, you should decide the domain name and once that is decided; you need two things to get your website up and running: Domain Name + Hosting.

One thing which most of the newbie miss out is, there are webhosting which offers free domain with every yearly package. So, even if you are planning to launch your website in next 2-3 months, it’s a wise decision to grab one such web-hosting package, which offers free domain and you can launch your website any time. I’m sharing two such popular and reliable hosting companies, from where you can buy hosting for discounted price (limited time) and get one domain name of your choice for free.

Bluehost Hosting offers free Domain name

Bluehost is one of the most popular name in Web-hosting industry and they offer unlimited webhosting with free Email account. So, if you are planning to get your domain and Email address up for now, you should look no further than Bluehost. All you need to do is, grab one year hosting from Bluehost ($58/year), which will give you one year of unlimited storage hosting + 1 free domain + free Email account.

Grab your Free domain now

To get your free domain, follow the above link and click on sign up. On the next sign up page, simply add the domain name you want for free. You will not be charged for a domain name and it will be absolutely free .com or any other domain extension name.

Bigrock Offer Free Domain name

May offer anyone who buys a domain name from bigrock for one first year the buyer will get free .com domain second year for free so let’s get your Com Domains for FREE for the first year when Purchased For 2 Years.

Grab your free  .com domain now