How To Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

A quick and dirty tutorial on How To Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark. You have a presentation in an hour and you still need a few pictures to help make your point. You’re sending art references to the design team and need to make sure everything is crystal clear. You urgently need to edit a picture that your company owns, but for some reason can’t access the original.

Shutterstock Images

Whatever the reason, removing watermarks from a shutterstock photo is something most marketing people will have to do at some point in their career. It just so happens that I’ve had to do it plenty of times, so I’ll show you what I do when I run into this situation.

If you’re here because you want to Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark, Don’t forget about the value of your time. If you’re going to spend an hour+ deleting a watermark (that won’t turn out perfect anyway) then seriously consider ponying up the cash and do the right thing. You’ve got better things to do with your time.

What Is Watermark?

Watermark  is written in the image in the form of logos or patterns shadow water is used to identify the owner of the image or the image is generally used to prevent the reuse of the image is not valid, or use without the Agreement of the owner of the pictures / photos.

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How To Download Shutterstock Images Without Watermark

1, Quite often, you can get the unwatermarked version of an image simply by using Shutterstock Official Site.

2, After searching for the image to download without watermark Click and view the image.

3, Copy the URL of the image which has been listed in the address bar of your browser as shown below in image.

4, 4, To Download Shutterstock images without watermark . You need to visit the site

5, Paste the Image URL which has been copied in Shutterstock in SaveShutter. Click on search and download the Image without any water marks with High Quality.

Alternative of SaveShutter:

That’s it by using above sites you could download shutterstock images without watermark. Keep Sharing If our post helped to download images for free.


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