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5 Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is a good way to make money but it needs passion, hard work and will power. Many new blogger fails and give up too early because they have less or no traffic to their. Traffic is very important to blogger if your want to earn money with blogging. There are many factors that can reduce your blog traffic. Today i will discuss some of the main and important thing that are effecting your blog traffic in descending order.

No knowledge of blogging
One of the reason is lake of knowledge. Many newbie make a new blog, work few days on blog and then they make another blog on other topic or niche. This is happened because they have not goal instead their goal is to make money and i think this is one of the main reason of their failure. They start posting posts that are irrelevant to their blog and had not quality content. As oxygen is necessary for human to live quality content is necessary for blog to survive.

Common SEO mistake
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vital thing for every blogger and help to increase blog traffic. But if you have not enough knowledge about seo then it create problem for you. Mostly newbie submit their blog in search engine but have not added site map. Sitemap actually tells search engine about your blog post. It helps search engine to crawl your blog and you will get more traffic.

Template and design
Design of template is very important. Navigational menu should be easy to use. Make sure template is responsive because many of people using mobile and other devices.if you template is not responsive then you may loss lot of traffic.adding important widgets like related post widget can be very beneficial.

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Not using social media
Billions of people social media sites like; Facebook sharing your post on social media give more exposure of your blog in search engine. You must add social sharing features on your blog. Social sharing help in ranking your blog. In reward of your effort you will notice you blog traffic increase. Make your fan pages on social media site invite your friends to like share in groups. Communicate with people and reply to their comments.

Do not think about earning
Do not think about making money, this is the one of main reason of failure in blogging. Build your blog content and keep hardworking because the only thing that can overcome your hard luck is hard work. Also do not worry about traffic because it can not increased over a night, it can take time. Every thing has its time and your time will come…keep blogging

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