Every Newbie or old blogger has a dream their blog come on Google search result with better ranking as fast as possible, your blog perform only if you analyze and properly  optimize your blog post, we are now there are many tools to optimize your blog, but “Google Webmaster Toll” is good one to optimize your blog and it’s free of cost, if you want to know your blog performs in search engine then you have to start using Google webmaster tool in this post  i will show you How To Verify blogger blog on Google webmaster Tool.if you want more visitors to visit your site then submit your website in all major search engine see how To Submit your website To Google Bing Yahoo

Verify Blog on Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster tool is a great one tool that show your blog perform in search engine and how many time your blog appear in Google search result and it will also show you your crawl errors and which keyword is popular for your blog content and  much more  to verify your website in “Google webmaster tool” follow these steps

Step #1:
Go Google webmaster tool and log in with your g mail id, when you will log in in Google webmaster tool you will see the home page (this is a screenshot bottom part of Google webmaster tool) Now enter your blog URL and click on the add a site

webmaster tool

step 2#
when you will click on the add site you will be asked to verify ownership.there are two methods to verify your blog ownership “Recommended method” “Alternative Method” but you should keep alternative method, in alternative click on the HTML you will see some codes just copy them like this screenshot


the Google webmaster tool Site Verification code will be like this (this code is only, for example, please add your own code in your template

<meta content='nzi7iAdrgjFBuQ3UNf4uQpakBaHUFHkhjOs7VmputrE' name='google-site-verification'/>


Step 3#
After copy the highlighted code log in your blogger account Dashboard >> Template >> Edit HTML
and find


Now Past The code you have copy that earlier after the <head> and save your template,


Meta tag

Now go back Google webmaster tool and click on the Confirm verification.

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