Marquee behavior

HTML  Marquee behavior Code An HTML marquee is a scrolling piece of text and images displayed either horizontally across or vertically down your webpage depending on the settings. This is created by using HTML and CSS Copy and paste these HTML marquee codes to your website or blog

Basic marquee tag

Change text between marquee tags

Marquee Behavior Slid

BEHAVIOR=SLIDE is almost the same, except that it indicates that when the leading part content reaches the left edge it should stop without scrolling off. Notice in this example that the contents stop scrolling as soon as the “H” reaches the left side
Marquee Slide



Behavior Alternate

BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE makes the content bounce back and forth, all of it remaining visible all the time
Behavior Alternate



SCROLLAMOUNT, sets the speed of the scrolling. Marquee moves the content by displaying the content, then delaying for some short period of time, then displaying the content again in a new position. SCROLLAMOUNT sets the size in pixels of each jump. A higher value for SCROLLAMOUNT makes the marquee scroll faster



Marquee Background Color

Changing bgcolor value to changes the marquee background color

<marquee bgcolor=”#AA80FE”></marquee>

Marquee Loop

LOOP sets how many times the marquee should loop. The default value is infinite, which means that the marquee loops endlessly

Marquee Loop two time

<marquee loop=2></marquee>


Reoccuring Marquee

Reoccuring Marquee

<marquee behavior=”alternate”><marquee width=”210″></marquee></marquee>



HSPACE sets the horizontal space to the left and right of the marquee. VSPACE sets the vertical space at the top and bottom of the marquee

horizontal space!

vertical space!

<marquee bgcolor=”#8FB200″ hspace=”50″ width=”25%”>
horizontal space!
<marquee bgcolor=”#8FB200″ vspace=”50″>
vertical space!</marquee>


Opposite Direction Marquees
<<<Opposite Direction Marquees>>>

<marquee scrollamount=”5″ width=”40″>&lt;&lt;&lt;</marquee>Opposite Direction Marquees<marquee scrollamount=”5″ direction=”right” width=”40″>&gt;&gt;&gt;</marquee>

Marquees ZigZag

ZigZag Marquee

<marquee width=”65%” direction=”up” behavior=”alternate”><marquee direction=”right” behavior=”alternate”>ZigZag Marquee</marquee></marquee>

Marquees ZigZag Image

<marquee scrollamount=”15″ direction=”up” behavior=”alternate”><marquee scrollamount=”15″ direction=”right” behavior=”alternate”><img src=”; /></marquee></marquee>


Marquees Text & Images Down


This Marquee Text and image Will Be Go down!

<marquee direction=”down”><img src=”” />This Marquee Text and image Will Be Go Down!</marquee>


Marquees Text & Images up

This Marquee Text and image Will Be Go up!

<marquee direction=”up”><img src=”” /></marquee>


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