How to Make Free Calls to India From US Guide

How to make free calls to India  Best unlimited voip calling plans to india For those who need to call India on a regular basis, rebtel will be help you to cheap call india from us  an inexpensive option is imperative. Using traditional operators to make calls to India can be extremely costly; most major carriers charge a hefty per-minute fee plus an extra fee per call. Subscription services, pay-as-you-go plans, and other options are available, but the best one for any particular user will depend on a variety of factors.

How often india calling plans are made, how long they last, and what type of phones the calls are being placed to and from will all factor into the cost of each call made. Someone making daily short calls to India will need a different plan than one who needs to call India only once or twice a month, or who stays on the phone for a longer period per call

How To Make Calls india from us in Cheap rate

Last week, the Sweden-based mobile communications company launched Rebel Calling, a new feature that allows users to make international calls for as little as $1 per month, without a wireless connection, for app-to-app calls in 52 countries. If a person is in a more remote location where Rebel isn’t available, a user can pay for unlimited calling for as little as $5 per month, or as much as $10 per month, depending on the location.

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Rebtel, which has been active in the international call market for about 10 years, is aiming to challenge traditional international calling rates that are defined by high calling rates.

The company’s application connects callers via computer, tablet or smartphone, turning an international call into a local call. Rebel Calling actually doesn’t route calls over the Web, which in theory makes the call more stable.

“We want this service to become the real unlimited package for international calls,” said Rebtel’s chief marketing officer, Fredrik Wrahme, in an interview with CNBC recently. “This call, in most cases, will be better than using an international operator.”

The pricing model is not unlike “Skype or Netflix,” where you get unlimited use for a flat rate, Wrahme said. He said that telecommunications companies “have been overcharging for many years,” often raking in margins of 80 percent or more.

Rebtel CEO Magnus Larsson characterized the market for international calls as ripe for disruption. Larsson said the $3.3 billion market for overseas calls — used mainly by immigrants and business travelers — is dominated by calling cards and international call centers to dial back home.

In some ways, those methods are inefficient and costs too much, Larsson said. Consumer advocates point out that phone cards sometimes advertise generous calling benefits, yet sometimes short change consumers.

“Our business model is attacking” both the industries of calling cards and international phone calling, Larsson said. “The ones that need it the most are the ones that pay the highest price.”

Rebtel offers cheapest call packages for cheap calls” Rebtel offers cheapest call packages for cheap calls to India and all over the world and is one of the best services in terms of call quality. It uses a special system whereby you are given a local phone number to call internationally. So, for example, if you are based in London, England then you would have a London number to reach your favorite old Uncle in Bangalore. This keeps costs low and means that you can stay in touch with relatives even if they don’t have access to the internet

Founded in 2006, the company boasts over 25 million users internationally.


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