How To Make Firefox Load Page Faster

Firefox Browser

Hi every one you are absolutely know Mozilla Firefox is the good browser to surf internet, then other browser today in this article i will explain how to make Firefox page  load faster you can make Firefox perform 40% faster for page loaded ,if you have faster concoction  then  you can make web page load more faster ,by doing some simple steps ,

 Why we are do these steps
  • Increasing your browsing  experience
  •  Load video almost instantly
  • Turn you slow concoction  into faster 
  • Increase your browser speed more then 40%

To make your Firefox faster please follow these steps

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox 
  2. In address bar type   about:config 
  3. Now search      network:http.pipelining       and convert it’s false value with true by clicking on the false value  
  4. Now find     network.http.proxy.pipelining      and do same thing as added above 
  5. Now right click of mouse  any where and then click on the create new  and then click on   integer and then give the name it nglayout.initialpaint.delay 
  6. Now click OK and enter the value 0 ( zero ) in next box
  7. You are don please restart your Firefox and enjoy with fast sped

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