Video Converter

Hi friends . here a complete guide about how to convert MP4 or any other video into Mp3 or any other file,If you want to listen audio from a file, then MP4 is useless. It not only takes large storage area in your disk, it also is less easy to play in comparison of MP3. Player for MP3 are widely spread in almost every segment of multimedia devices (both old and new). We have picked the most easiest way to convert the file from MP4 to MP3 and that too absolutely free.

There are many ways to convert the files, but the best and the easiest of of those tricks, I personally use two methods. First, from Any Video Convertor which is a software which can run on Mac plus Windows. 

Use Any Video Converter (Mac/Windows/Free)

 Any kind of Video Converter is convenient little tool which allows you to extort MP4 audio and then convert it into MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, or Wav formats directly for usage on a diversity of mobile devices. These video and audio quality is outstanding for free program, seeing that the lightning-fast conversion speed, and resulting audio is even supported on all devices from Android to Apple devices and diverse bulk of the media players.

    A.  Download Any Video Converter and install it

Go to the MAC App Store or AVC website to grab the newest lite or freemium version of software if you already haven’t. Follow download and installation instruction as directed, but stay vigilant of any needless malware or toolbars the software may attempt to install on the Windows.

B.     Open the program

Open AVC by looking for the program at Windows search bar or access the software through programs menu. Likewise on Mac, you may launch program by looking for that in Spotlight or access it through the application menu.

C.     Choose your MP4s

After it is opened, you wish to choose the MP4s you want to convert by just clicking the Video button with addition sign in upper right or left corner of that program. The popup window will come out where you can search or navigate for the needed files on your desktop. On Mac, click Add Video key in bottom left corner and choose the files you want to convert. Continue to add videos in same way until you’re pleased with your selection.

D.    Choose your output preference

On Windows, click Preset Output button at the wrench in upper right corner and click the numerous output devices at top of popup window till you come to Common Audio Format. Choose the icon and select MP3 Audio from resulting drop-down option, select your save target and click CONFIRM button. Then alter your audio bitrate to sample bitrate option in bottom right corner under audio option. Also, ensure audio channel is put to “2″ except you wish to go for old-school mono.
Unluckily, AVC’s freemium Mac version doesn’t offer same type of the audio output customization like its Windows counterpart; however, you still can convert MP4 file to the MP3. Simply go to Profile option at the bottom of program window, select Custom Setting and choose MP3 Audio from list.

E.     Convert

Now here is actually how to convert mp4 to mp3. If you’ve finished setting up your output preference in Windows, merely click Convert ALL File NOW button at top of window next to presets option. Though there are alternatives for converting specified files only on your list, whole batch can be converted by the default unless you select otherwise from button drop-down list. Mac equivalent to conversion button is Convert Now button at the bottom right corner. Click that and select Open Output Folder in order to view files when they’ve completed processing!