How many of you have heard of 1 cent hosting?

Wait! I’m not talking about those cheap free hosting sites where your website is not only insecure but you never know when you might lose all your data.

Here I’m talking about a reputable hosting company which offers its premium web-hosting services for 1 cent. That company is HostGator 

This is a company which I have been using for over 2 years.

Grab the $0.01 discount here (Coupon Code: NAFISFLAHI1)

HostGator 1 Penny Hosting Coupon:

HostGator is a premium web-hosting company which offers Linux, Windows, VPS, and dedicated web-hosting. HostGator’s cPanel shared hosting plans are very popular among bloggers and internet marketers.

If you are running multiple sites, HostGator’s “Baby” plan or “Reseller” hosting plan will be perfect for you.

HostGator is a premium hosting service, and even with the normal HostGator discount coupon, you will only be able to get 25% off on your total bill.

Here I’m sharing a special discount coupon, which will let you grab 1 cent web-hosting from HostGator.

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How To Use HostGator 1 Cent Coupon

Here is another coupon code “Nafisflahi1” which you can use to grab the first month hosting for only 1 cent. This is useful if you wish to try your hands on Web hosting before paying in full. Though if you planning to use hosting for long, I would suggest buy hosting for one year and use above coupon.

Here is a screenshot of hosting discount using coupon: Nafisflahi1

1 cent hosting coupon

This HostGator 1 cent hosting discount code will let you enjoy the first month of web-hosting for only $0.01.

Once your month is over, you can decide to continue or cancel your plan.

You can sign up for the “Baby” or “Hatchling” plans with this coupon code. When you sign up, select your plan, (Hatchling for single site, Baby for multiple sites), and in the domain field add the domain which you want to host.

You should be seeing a screen like the one above.

Sign up for HostGator (Coupon code: Nafisflahi1)