How To Add Background Music Sound To your Blog Website

How to add Background Music to Blogger Blog / Steps to Adding Music to Your Blog Easily 2015 } Background Music Has a Cool Effect On The Visitors of Your Blog or Websites, It May Help You In Catching The Attentions Of Your Visitors

Its Amazing that when user Surfing on Website/Blog and Listen Music that automatically starts when webpage is loaded. Embed any Background Sound and Music behind the Blogger Blog and Websites is too easiest work. One Day i surfing on internet and i see a player’s blog and when i load that page automatically Music starts and i amazed and check my computer’s background and i looking for where the music is played and i noticed that sound is coming from Blog’s Webpage.
In this post you will show How to add music /sound; in Blog or Website background,

To Add Music jut Follow these step

1.log in Your account

2.Click at template

3. Click at edit HTML

4.Now find <body> To Find Just Press CTR+F

5.Copy the below code and past it after the <body>

in just Put the URL of your site and after that upload a music
into web space and get URL or Copy any favorite song link location
from any music website and put the link at Your sound
this method work practically well  but  visitors of your site  not be able to switch off the  music

The Second way to add music in your blog it is very simple and easy
to add just follow these step
1..log in your account
2..Click on the layout
3..Click on the add gadget
5.Copy the below code and past it


<audio controls autop><source src=”
Put Your sound link here
” /></source></audio>

You can change highlighted code with your own sound / music  and you can also change play style in different way
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23 thoughts on “How To Add Background Music Sound To your Blog Website

  1. Ijaz Ali says:

    how to add the mp3 link ..i have uploaded files to opendrive but it didnt work for my link..only works for ur link…how to write the link…or whats the format

  2. Mohammad Nafis says:

    Bro Ajaz after uploading mp3 file in open-drive, to get link follow these steps

    first select your mp3 file
    2 then right click your muse
    3 you will see some links like download stream etc
    4 copy the stream link and replace highlighted code with your own link

    that's all

  3. Mohammad Nafis says:

    Hey Zyteme open drive now change their policy for new user there for you can't get stream link, if you want stream link then you can upload your music file on uploadmusic-dot-org and get stream link

    thanks for comment here

  4. Jennifer Castro says:

    Hey, can you help.. i want to add background music to my blog site.. I tried doing what you have said here, but it's not working.. the song is not playing.. any advice?

  5. Crypto says:

    Is there a way to improve the loading time for a song? Also where can I find a vast library of copyright free music?

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