Vincenzo Free Fire ID, Monthly Income, Stats and more

Vincenzo FF ID
Free Fire ID of Vincenzo

Vincenzo is on his way to 6.5 million subscribers and presently has 6.47 million on his YouTube channel. The prominent figure also has over 791 thousand followers on his Instagram handle

OP Vincenzo is one of the most well-known Free Fire players in the Middle East region. His videos are mainly related to the gameplay aspect of the battle royale title, and he regularly uploads highlights and clips.

Vincenzo’s Free Fire ID and stats

Vincezo FF ID is  437144862.

Vincenzo ID STats

Vincenzo has played 22045 squad games in Free Fire and has precisely 3600 first-place finishes, resulting in a win percentage of 16.33%. He has bagged 79366 kills in this mode with a K/D ratio of 4.30.

Vincenzo has 1175 solo games to his name and has 107 Booyahs, resulting in a win ratio of 9.10%. He has racked up 2950 kills, ensuring a K/D ratio of 2.76.

In duo mode, he has played 1750 matches and has managed to secure a total of 304 victories, retaining a win rate of 17.37%. With 5162 kills, the player has maintained a K/D ratio of 3.57.

Rank Match Stats

Vincenzo Rank Stats
Vincenzo Rank Stats

 Vincenzo has only appeared in ranked squad games. He has 14 victories in the 188 matches he appeared in, corresponding to a win ratio of 7.44%. He has 638 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.67.

Vincenzo Monthly Youtube Income

Vicenzo FF Income
Social Blade – Vincenzo Earning From Youtube

According to Social Blade,

Vincenzo’s estimated monthly income from his channel ranges between $2.4K and $39.1K and his yearly income lies between $29.3K and $468.6K.

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On YouTube, OP Vincenzo regularly uploads content around Garena Free Fire. At the moment, there are 422 videos present on his channel, and out of them, the most-watched one has over 46 million views.


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