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5 Stylish Zoom Effect To Your Blog Images On Mouseover

Stylish Zoom Effect

Previously i shared Awesome Expand Social Media Widget  today I’m sharing how to add  stylish zoom effect to your blog images on mouse over your know you can optimize your blog images for better seo know how to optimize your blog image for better seo if you are running photography blog then these effects are

Awesome Expanding Social Media Widget For Blogger

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″] Recently I have shared coll spinning social media widget we all know social media now a day is must for every blogger because we need to get traffic to our blog and social media is the best for us to pull the traffic to our blog we have seen many blogger use Facebook

How To Make Stylish Pure CSS Search Box For Blogger

CSS Search Box

  I recently shared a Stylish Read More Button  for blogger  but toady I’m here with stylish pure css search box for blogger you are know if you are blogging your blog is not complete without a search box,A search bar allow visitor to easily search content  and product on your blog and it’s necessary

How To Change Simple Read more Text with Stylish css Buttons

simple read more button

Previously i shared Add Automatic Read More Button in blogger blog ,Replace Newer Older Home Text with image but I’m now with new thing which is stylish css3 Read More Button, so toady we are going to change simple read more text with stylish hover effect read more button ,this is beautiful stylish css3 read