how to register ad code in customs Ad code An Authorised Dealer Code (AD Code) is a 14-digit numerical code provided by a bank with which your business has a current account. You will need to register an AD Code at every port from where your goods are cleared by customs. At the time of customs clearance, your Customs House Agent (CHA) will ask you to provide the AD Code for that particular port.

Apply for AD Code

As mentioned, you will need to register your AD Code with every port from which you intend to export your goods. For example, if you are an exporter from Gujarat, you will need separate AD Codes if you want to clear customs from both Mundra and Ankleshwar.

To obtain an AD Code, you will have to write a letter to the bank requesting it to issue the same against your business’s account. You will have to address this request to the branch manager in the prescribed format. The bank will then issue a 14-digit AD Code on its letterhead in the format prescribed by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).

Register AD Code with Customs

After the bank issues you an AD Code, you will need to register it with the customs. To do this, you will have to approach the CHA, and furnish the following documents:

  • The AD Code registration authority letter issued by your banker
  • Self-attested copies of:
    1. GST registration
    2. Last three years’ IT returns of the company or self and partner’s
    3. Bank statement, generally for the last 12 months
    4. Company’s Import-Export (IE) Code
    5. Company’s PAN
    6. Board resolution
    7. Partner’s PAN, Aadhaar card, and voter ID/passport
    8. Signatory PAN, Aadhaar card and voter ID/passport, along with originals
    9. Export House Certificate (optional)

These requirements may vary with a change in statutes. The CHA will receive all the documents from you and submit it to the customs on your behalf. This usually takes about 3–4 working days.

While filing for export, if the shipping bill gets generated in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system, it means your AD Code has been registered. Please note that this AD Code has to be registered at every port from where you wish to clear customs and export your goods. Once you register your AD Code at a particular port, the registration has lifetime validity.