Registration opens for Qur’an recitation, adhan contest prizes worth $3.2 Million

RIYADH: Budding participants can now apply to take part in the second international Qur’an recitation and call to prayer (adhan) competition. Chairman of the Saudi General Entertainment Authority Turki Al-Sheikh on Wednesday announced the opening of registration for the contest, featured on the “Otr Elkalam” TV show. It is the first competition to combine Qur’an

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Newspaper Theme – Full Review: Is it Worth All the Hype?

  If you publish a lot of content on your WordPress site, a WordPress magazine theme is a great choice to help visitors discover all of your content. When it comes to WordPress magazine themes, there’s one name that stands out – Newspaper. With over 93000 sales at ThemeForest, Newspaper is one of the most

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How To Import Onions from India

How To Import onions from India , According to India's export statistics, Maharashtra is the state with the most onion production. Since September of this year, the price of onions has reached an all-time high owing to a prolonged rainy season that resulted in delayed harvests and shrunken supplies. Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the United

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