Are you searching for  how to make money online promoting real travel companies as a travel affiliate. Major travel companies are willing to pay high commission and affiliate payouts in order to stay competitive online. travelpayouts presents you the opportunity to work with team to set you up with the best Travel Affiliate Programs to ensure you can run a website business that is actually capable of making money when you promote.

Everyone is always searching for a bargain, so why not capitalize on that trend by joining a travel affiliate program? One such program is TravelPayouts, providing you with all sorts of tools to help your visitors find the best deals on flights and hotels. And then, you can earn a sizable commission. Let’s get started with today’s review and get a closer look into what TravelPayouts offers.
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How To Make Money With Hotel and Flight Booking


TravelPayouts is an online travel affiliate program that has partnered with three main search engines to provide visitors with the ability to find the best deals on flights and hotels. Through a partnership with TravelPayouts, you can earn a commission whenever an action is taking across any or all of these three outlets

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How Much Money Can I Earn?

The travel industry is potentially very lucrative, but how much of the pie are you receiving? For each sale that you refer through TravelPayouts, you’ll earn up to 70% of the income that they receive.

The actual payout will vary, of course, but TravelPayouts says that the average payout for each airline ticket sold is $9 and each hotel reservation generates an average of $20 in commissions. Your mileage may vary (no pun intended), but some of the top partners earn thousands of dollars each month. This can be earned via your website, but also when you post links to their mobile apps. For the latter, you earn commissions on reservations made during the first year.

How to Promote TravelPayouts

When it comes to promoting anything online, you have a lot of options… but many affiliate networks will limit the amount of creatives and methods they allow you to use. TravelPayouts has made this one of their key perks for affiliates of their site, which includes promotions through the following methods.

  • Fully customized search forms with a package of best performing offers
  • The most complete and transparent statistics: CTR, STR, CPC, CPS, CPU, destinations, and dates. Detailed analysis of each submitted form.
  • Widget maps of low prices, text links for specific destination/ticket, White Label
  • Search/data API and SDK for mobile apps, which enable you to create your own search with the functionality that you need

Once logged into the members area you can access all of the tools to build out your own banners, map widgets and search forms to placed within your media buying, web sites or landing pages. They also have a WordPress plugin to incorporate search forms right into your site.

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