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How To Remove Attribution Powered By Blogger The “powered by Blogger” attribution below all blogger blogs is added by blogger ,this can not remove from the template layout because it is automatically locked by blogger,but you can remove it after you must edit attribution tag from your template .

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To remove Attribution just follow these step

1.log in you account
2.click on the template
3.click on the edit HTML
4.now find the below code to find it press CTR+F

<b:widget id='Attribution1' locked='true' title='' type='Attribution'>

  • Replace true with false and save your template.
  • Now go to “Page Elements” and edit “Attribution” at the button of your template layout. 
  • Click the “Remove” button from the pop-up window as shown in the image above
  • Click “Save” and you are done, check your blog and found the blogger attribution disappeared.