How To Import from India

When it comes to the matter of import from India, the Indian market is the one that is the most flourishing India is the 17th largest export economy in the world. This has led to India becoming a culinary center when we are talking in international terms. Furthermore, this has further paved the way for further business-minded individuals who want to engage with a similar sort of import business. Therefore, the answer to how to import from India is an important one?

What to Import

India manufactures just about everything – but the top exports that interest us sellers are leather products (shoes and clothing), electronic goods, Agriculture products like Basmati rice, Vegetables, readymade garments, gemstones, jewelry, handicrafts, and fabrics Ceramics Tiles.

Indian-style costume and gem jewelry is an emerging sector of the Indian economy and a leading foreign exchange earner. Fine jewelry is a relatively new market for India, but they have done a great job of catching up on using the latest technology to form modern cuts and styles.

Indian ready-made garments have taken big strides in the past few decades, with the sector accounting for around 30% of their total exports, and employing a whopping 35 million people! Suppliers will stock all the usual stuff like jeans, shirts, suits and T shirts, and also some unique items like Indian saris and sequined garments. The best part is you can get some of these items for as little as a couple of bucks. 

How to Import from India

When importing from India to your country, all the usual rules will apply. Local regulations will vary but generally, you will need to fill in all the correct documentation, arrange to ship, clear Customs and pay the relevant duties. In the US, documentation usually consists of a commercial invoice detailing the product amounts, an arrival notice, an ocean or airway bill, a packing list


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