Hey you are absolutely  know Facebook is  very popular social networking  website in the world, with  the Facebook you can connect to any people they are registered on Facebook in the world,Facebook allow registered user to create profile, page,Group, and upload photos and videos,send massage and keep touch with friend and family, we can share our feeling,what happening around us, and our daily life through the Facebook,see smiler post “How To get free Facebook page likes” But today in this post we will learn how to make money with our Facebook fan pages,

Do Know you can “make money with your Facebook page”?


How To Make money with Facebook Page

   Step #1 
 Make sure you have at least More then 1000 likes on your Facebook page so that you can be accepted.
Step #2
 go to http://fanshala.com/ and register with your Facebook account. You will need to allow the app to have access to your Facebook pages before you can access the publisher’s dashboard. Also make sure you read Fanshala’s Terms and privacy Policy.
 Step #3
 Search for and add an approved advertisement below your status and get paid. Go to the “Available Ads” section; choose an ad and copy-paste the content below your status.
Step #4
 The more your followers or likes, the more you get paid as the brand(s) you are promoting reach more people. You will be paid on a CPC (Cost-per-click) basis, the more people open the link attached to your status, and more would be your payout.
Step #5
 You cannot provide any sort of incentive to your followers to click on the advertisement or click on them yourself (the counts are restricted to unique IPs). Any account found contravening this would be immediately banned.

You will get paid via checks which will be delivered to your permanent address. Initial address verification would be done to ensure that you get your checks duly. Payments to the publishers are made monthly. Once you reach the minimum payout value of $200, the amount shall be converted to your local currency and a check will be dispatched to your permanent address. To get started, you would have to divulge your phone number, address and email ID. The basic connecting of your Facebook account would also be done. Your details won’t be sold or shared with a third-party but you cab delete your account afterwards if you don’t like this anymore.