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How to Send SMS Messages with Google Sheets and your Android Phone

[ad_1] Send personalized text messages to your contacts with the help of Google Sheets and your Android phone. The SMS messages go directly from your phone SIM, no third-party SMS service is required.The Mail Merge for Gmail add-on lets you send personalized emails via Gmail but wouldn’t it be nice if a similar solution existed

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Track Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases in India with Google Sheets

[ad_1] The Coronavirus (COVID-19) tracker uses sparklines in Google Sheets to help you visualize the spread of the coronavirus outbreak across different states of India over time.Published in: Google Apps Script - Google SheetsThe Government of India website has a live dashboard that provides, in near real-time, the number of Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in various

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How to Import MailChimp Subscribers to Google Sheets

[ad_1] Learn how to import subscribers' email addresses from your MailChimp mailing lists into Google Sheets and Google Contacts.Published in: Google Apps Script - Google SheetsThe Gmail Mail Merge addon can now import the email addresses of subscribers from your MailChimp mailing lists into Google Sheets. If you wish to send emails to your subscribers

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How to Move your iCloud and Apple Photos to Google Photos

[ad_1] A step by step guide that explains how iPhone and Mac users can transfer their picture library from iCloud and Apple Photos to Google Photos.A friend writes - “Any suggestions on how to combine the Google photo library with iPhoto. Which is a better platform for keeping the photos? Google seems to be very

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Google Photos – The Good Parts

[ad_1] When Google launched Gmail in 2004, it bundled 40x more free storage space than competing webmail services. It seemed to solve all storage woes and they did not include a “delete” button in Gmail because, with a gigabyte available, why would anyone ever delete their emails. They’ve adopted a similar approach with Google Photos

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