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How To Change Simple Read more Text with Stylish css Buttons

simple read more button

Previously i shared Add Automatic Read More Button in blogger blog ,Replace Newer Older Home Text with image but I’m now with new thing which is stylish css3 Read More Button, so toady we are going to change simple read more text with stylish hover effect read more button ,this is beautiful stylish css3 read

5 Style Popular Post Widget For Blogger

popular post widge

 Popular post widget is also blogger default widget,blogger allow us to easily add a “Popular Post”  widget that we select from list of gadget and we can add that in our blog by going to the Layout of our blog but to give the “Popular post widget” new and good look we need to make

Awesome Pure CSS Drop Down Menu for Blogger

awsome css menu

Beautiful Drop Down Menu  and  Horizontal Menu   I shared  but Today I’m sharing a “Awesome CSS Drop Down Menu with sub menu” Drop down menu are very important in blogging and these kind of stuff also considerable for the visitors because task of designing  awesome template start with header and the most important part of

How To Add Simple Related Post to Blogger without Thumbnails

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″] Previously post i was shared a wonderful hack to display related post beneath each of your post with thumbnails but toady I’m  sharing a “simple related post widget without thumbnails” you are absolutely know it’s a best way to keep your readers engaged with your blog to other related post that you have

2 Awesome Related Posts Widget For Blogspot

Related Posts

The related post widget will show a new related post below of your post you are know the related post widget fetched the related post from those post having a same label, in  previously post i shared a Hack Related post widget with Thumbnail and one simple related post widget without thumbnail, but toady I’m