How To Download & Save YouTube Video in Your Computer

In this article you will learn How To Download YouTube Video
YouTubeeasy way are you using YouTube to watch every kind of video
like a Funny,Comedy,serial,Movie, and to learn something
but you never seen download option on that website and
if your internet connection is slow that time you feel so
barring  because I explain it  how to Save  YouTube video
in your computer  and watch all video offline and without
buffering ,there are many way to download YouTube video
but at the time I’m writing this article  I installed in my
Chrome and Firefox  browser some plug  to save all
YouTube video in my PC

How To Add This Plug    

YouTube chanal
  •  After adding this plug you can directly download YouTube Video in MP3,Mp4,AVI,etc 
                      I hop this help you Join with me


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