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    WWDC 2024 will unveil iOS 18, touted as Apple’s biggest OS update for iPhones. Expected features include AI integration, Home Screen customisation, and RCS support for better messaging.

    Generative AI to Make Siri Smarter
    One of the standout features of iOS 18 is likely to be the integration of generative AI across various applications. Apple has been hinting at its plans around AI, with CEO Tim Cook and marketing chief Greg Joswiak suggesting major developments to be unveiled at WWDC 2024.

    While iOS 18 is not expected to include an Apple-designed chatbot, the company is reportedly planning to partner with OpenAI to power and enhance Siri’s functionality with AI and give AI power to other services like Spotlight, Shortcuts, Apple Music, and more. This integration will enable Siri to handle more complex queries and provide more intelligent responses, making the virtual assistant more useful and intuitive.

    Customizable Home Screen
    iOS 18 is also said to bring significant improvements to the Home Screen customisation options. Users will be able to place app icons anywhere on the grid, creating blank spaces, columns, and rows. Additionally, iOS 18 will allow users to change the colour of app icons, further enhancing personalisation.

    RCS Support in Messages App
    iOS 18 will introduce support for the cross-platform messaging standard RCS in the Messages app. This update will improve messaging between iPhones and Android devices, offering higher-resolution media, typing indicators, read receipts, Wi-Fi messaging, and better group chat functionality.

    Accessibility Features
    Apple is also said to bring more accessibility features with iOS 18 including Eye Tracking, Vehicle Motion Cues, Music Haptics, and Vocal Shortcuts. CarPlay will also reportedly receive updates, such as Sound Recognition, which alerts users to car horns and sirens.

    Updated Apple Maps
    Apple Maps will see two notable updates: custom routes and topographic maps. The custom routes feature will allow users to choose specific roads for navigation, enhancing the personalised navigation experience. Initially available in the U.S., this feature caters to users seeking familiar or scenic routes. Topographic maps, which debuted on the Apple Watch, will now be available on the iPhone, providing detailed information for outdoor activities like hiking.

    Other than these changes, there are more upgrades Apple is expected to bring across its apps to enhance functionality and user experience. Apple Music will feature auto-generated playlists and smarter song transitions, leveraging AI to provide a more personalised music experience. The Calculator app will be revamped with a sidebar for recent calculations, unit conversions, and integration with the Notes app, and it will finally be available on iPads. The Calendar and Reminders apps will be integrated for easier scheduling, while Freeform will introduce a “Scenes” option for better canvas navigation. Health will gain new AI-powered features, and the iWork Suite (Keynote, Numbers, and Pages) will see updates with generative AI for tasks like auto-generating slides and faster writing.

    Other updates include AI-powered photo retouching in Photos, suggested replies in Mail, and enhancements in the Fitness app. Messages will support RCS and may use AI for auto-completing sentences and generating custom emojis. Notes will support mathematical notation and integrated audio recording, with possible audio transcription features. Safari will get a browsing assistant and a “Web Eraser” feature. Shortcuts will allow for more complex task automation. Overall, iOS 18 promises a more personalised, intelligent, and accessible experience, leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance everyday interactions with iPhones.

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