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The Best Online Tools To Know Everything About a Website

[ad_1] How do I contact the owner of a website? Where is a particular website hosted? What other websites are hosted on that same server? Is the site using WordPress or Gatsby? Which ad networks are they using to monetize a site? Is my site accessible from China?Here are some of the most useful online

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How to Encrypt and Decrypt Text Strings with JavaScript

[ad_1] A simple method for encrypting and decrypting text strings and passwords in JavaScript and Google Apps ScriptPublished in: Google Apps Script - JavaScriptIn one of my web projects, I require simple and easy-to-implement encryption and decryption JavaScript library that could encode a piece of text and then decode the encoded string on the server-side.The

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Block All Incoming and Outgoing Emails Except Specific Whitelisted Domains

[ad_1] Learn how to block all incoming and outgoing emails in Gmail except for specific whitelisted domain and email addresses.Published in: GSuite - GmailThe finance team in an organization would like to use Gmail for internal communication only. The corporate email policy restricts the finance team from sharing any files or email messages with external

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How to Get the Quiz Score in Google Forms with Apps Script

[ad_1] Teachers can easily create an online quiz using Google Forms and students can view their test scores immediately after form submission.Published in: Google Apps Script - Google FormsTeachers can use Google Forms to create an online quiz and students can view their test scores immediately after form submission. With Apps Script, you can set

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