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How to Pitch Journalists and Bloggers with Mail Merge for Gmail

How to Use Formulas with Google Form Responses in Sheets
[ad_1] Mail Merge for Gmail is the ultimate journalist outreach tool for Marcom and PR professionals. Send personalized and targeted email pitches and press releases to your media contacts with Gmail. Published in: Mail Merge for Gmail John is a public relations professional and he is often required you to send press releases and event

Keyword Cannibalization – How To Identify & Fix Content Cannibalization Issue?

[ad_1] Is your website losing traffic? Is your organic traffic going down? Are you losing keyword ranking? Despite trying hard, you are not able to reach on page #1 (Even with new content) If you answer yes to one or more of this, You might be a victim of Keyword cannibalization. What is “Cannibalization in

Gmail to Freshdesk – Convert Emails into Support Tickets

How to Use Formulas with Google Form Responses in Sheets
[ad_1] Create customer support tickets in Freskdesk with email messages in Gmail using Google Apps Script Published in: Google Apps Script – Gmail Custom support systems like Freshdesk, Zoho Desk, or Zendesk offer an email address – like [email protected] – for quickly creating customer tickets without having to fill any complicated web forms. Any email

What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does It Work?

[ad_1] When it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is a skill-based approach, that could be learned by anyone. It is one of those segments of online world, that doesn’t require any degree or formal education. Want to understand what is Affiliate marketing? Keep reading to learn everything about this popular passive income method.