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Ajju Bhai Face, Free Fire ID, Discord link, monthly income, and stats

Ajju bhai’s (Total Gaming) Free Fire ID, Monthly youTube income, Discord link, and stats in 2021

Ajju Bhai is Most Indian Free Fire players might have heard the name Ajjubhai at least once. The popular content creator is the man behind one of the country’s biggest gaming YouTube channels, Total Gaming. He currently has a humongous subscriber count of 27.2 million with 4.53 billion views combined.

Ajjubhai’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID is 451012596.

Lifetime Stats :

Ranked Stats ;

Ajjubhai has 12023 squad games to his name in Free Fire and has clinched 2914 of them, corresponding to a win rate of 24.23%. He has notched 45456 kills at a kill-to-death rate of 4.99.

The renowned content creator has played four duo games and has two Booyahs with a win percentage of 50.00%. He has a K/D ratio of 7.50, eliminations 15 foes.

The internet star has featured in six solo games and has bagged four frags with a K/D ratio of 0.67.

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Ajju Bhai Monthly Income :

Ajjubhai’s estimated monthly income from his YouTube channel is $84.7K to $1.4 million (Source: Social Blade).

ajju bhai monthly earning
Ajju Bhai Monthly Earning

He also manage multiple channels, including Total Gaming Live, AJJUBHAI, and TG Highlights.

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